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Larry Martin

Larry Martin Factory

“It’s so way above anything currently around that it really blows your mind”, wrote a critic around 1976. What smacks you in the face is that La France-then bogged down in the most syrupy kind of musical drivel-had to stomatch the poisonous thrill and the subversive goings on of an amazing Rock’n’Roll group for ten years. Abroad renown grew and their influence expanded beaming back to their homeland a mirror of its past and what it was now wallowing in ! However, at the very moment cult status was confered on the group they had alredy disbanded with a certain noble dignity. Those who were lucky enough to attend one of the Factory’s concerts (never was something more aptly named) where an ambience of sneery sarcasm and threat hung in the air remember the sound of two guitars blended into one, the maniacal virtuosity of the leader’s answering to the scary frenzy of his young acolyte’s. More...

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